#BlueWave starts here: phone bank for Margaret Good

Phone Bank for Margaret Good

Monday, February 12
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Seward Coop (apartment will be emailed to you after RSVP)

Sister District is a national organization created out of the ashes of the 2016 presidential election. Its goal is to harness Democratic energy from deep blue districts like ours to help get out the vote in truly swing districts around the country. Focused especially on state legislative races (which will help determine new congressional districts after the 2020 census), Sister District helped with the tremendous successes in Virginia in 2017, and now is resetting targets for 2018.

First up is a special election for Florida State House in February, where Democrat Margaret Good is hoping to flip this Sarasota District.


Margaret Good
Grand Street Dems launches its 2018 partnership with Sister District with this phone bank for Margaret Good on February 12. Help us make calls and participate in this year’s Democratic #BlueWave across the country.

Albany Report and Regular Meeting

Albany Report

Thursday, February 8
7:00 – 8:00 pm

GSD Regular Meeting

Thursday, February 8
8:00 – 9:00 pm

Seward Coop Community Room
266 East Broadway

Our next regular meeting will kick off with a report from our state representatives, Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou and State Senator Brian Kavanagh. They will be reporting, and taking your questions on, the 2018 legislative session and budget process.

Immediately following the Albany Report, GSD will hold its first regular meeting of the year.

RSVP for Planned Parenthood Day of Action in Albany

It was wonderful seeing so many of you this past weekend at the Women’s March. I hope you’re feeling energized and ready for more action.

And on that note …

I’m joining Planned Parenthood on Tuesday, March 13 for a Day of Action in Albany. We’ll be meeting state representatives to demand that New York State be a leader on reproductive rights by advancing access to sexual and reproductive health care in 2018.

Bus transportation is provided by Planned Parenthood from 26 Bleecker Street. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided, plus training for all attendees.

I’m going and would love to have you join me (I’ve never been to Albany!) for what sounds like a great day with an organization I enthusiastically support.

If you’re interested in coming to the Day of Action in Albany:

  1. Please register yourself via this link; then
  2. Email me directly to let me know you’re coming. I’m in touch with Planned Parenthood NYC and can make sure we’re on the same bus.

Spots on the bus are filling up — if you want to come, you need to RSVP to Planned Parenthood and to me by this Friday, January 26th.

Join GSD at the Women’s March Saturday

Women’s March in NYC

Saturday, January 20
10:30 am – 3:30 pm

F Train station, East Broadway & Essex
Next to Seward Park

In 2017 I was moved and inspired by participating in the Women’s March on Washington. Riding down to DC on “The Love Bus” (organized by Grand Streeter, Tami Pollak) with a crew of 50+ like-minded neighbors gave me hope for our future. It was just one day, but felt like a meaningful step on the road to a greater social movement that would protest Trump’s racist, sexist hate-mongering, and promote true democratic values of inclusion and equality.

The Love Bus, Washington, DC — 2017

This past year has indeed been protest-filled — there’s been so much to protest! — but there’s also been progress. One of the highlights of 2017 for me was the launch of Grand Street Democrats, formed by and for our community as a tool for greater civic engagement. Electing me and Lee as district leaders was another meaningful step on the journey we’re taking together, but it is YOUR continued efforts that will have the greatest impact locally and nationally.

So let’s come together this Saturday, January 20th, for the 2018 Women’s March in New York City, to see ourselves as part of the larger political landscape, to remember we are not alone on this road and we are stronger together.

Pending any last minute notifications from the MTA or the Women’s March, our plan is to meet outside the F train station at East Broadway and Essex (in front of Seward Park) at 10:30 am. We’ll either ride to 57th Street, then walk up Central Park West to enter the line up via the main entry point at 72nd street, or transfer to the B train and ride to 72nd street.

As I’m sure you all know, it will be a long day, with lots of standing around, but the weather forecast looks good! Wear comfortable shoes, bring a water bottle and some snacks, your signage and a metro card. (Full FAQ can be found here.)

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

In solidarity,

Get Ready for the 2018 Women’s March

Protest Poster Party

Saturday, January 13
1:30 – 4:00 pm

Seward Coop (Apartment TBD)

In 2018, Grand Street Democrats is teaming up with Sister District to help shape elections outside our immediate neighborhood, leveraging our strong Democratic advantage to swing districts where the outcome is in doubt and the balance of power in state government is decided.

To kick-off our partnership, we’ll be preparing together for the January 20 Women’s March in NYC with a protest poster-making party on Saturday, January 13.

This is a family-friendly event — kids are more than welcome, they are great artists and natural protesters!

Traffic Town Hall to address Grand/Clinton jam

Traffic Town Hall

Thursday, January 11
6:30 pm

Manny Cantor Center
197 East Broadway

Our residential neighborhood is being turned into an on-ramp for the Williamsburg Bridge. The intersection of Grand and Clinton is the main center of the problem, creating a honking backup for several blocks in both directions. Despite a resolution from Community Board 3 and letters from our local elected officials, the Department of Transportation has not adequately addressed the situation. In fact, it’s gotten worse.

Councilmember Margaret Chin has helped us secure the DOT Manhattan Commissioner for a town hall on Thursday, January 11. Other elected officials will be participating, and several community groups are co-sponsoring the event because this is a matter that effects the quality of life of everyone in the neighborhood.

Seward Coop resident Matt Marello filmed the intersection last winter to illustrate exactly why the traffic pattern is causing such a problem.

We will be presenting two short-term solutions to keep cars moving more efficiently and safely, while pushing for long-term changes that would keep this traffic out of our neighborhood entirely.

Please join us to show DOT how important this issue is to all of us.

Start the new year with Committee-palooza!


Wednesday, January 3
7:00 pm

Seward Coop Community Room
266 East Broadway

At our regular meeting in November our members outlined a half dozen committees that will help us direct activities for Grand Street Democrats. So we’re not going to waste any time — let’s start 2018 with a Committee-palooza!

What’s a Committee-palooza? Honestly, we just made it up. But here’s how we think it works: You and your neighbors (and the friend you bring with you) break out for the GSD committee you care about and brainstorm specific goals and actionable steps for the new year. Then each committee shares those ideas with the whole club, so we can align our priorities and get to work.

For example, let’s say you care about helping Democrats across the country pick up seats during the 2018 mid-term elections. You sit down at the Big D table to decide what projects will be most effective — fundraising, phone banks, out-of-state canvassing — then make a plan to identify candidates to support or outside organizations to partner with.

Or, you’re dismayed by the massive new skyscrapers going up on the waterfront combined with the new developments closer to home. So you join the Political & Social Action Committee and start coming up with a plan to support zoning changes on the Lower East Side or pressure the MTA to increase access to public transportation.

The idea is to do some talking … and then chart a path from talking toward action. We want to find real opportunities for progress, and deputize club members (you!) to make change happen.

Are you ready?

Daffodil Flash Mob! for Election Day


Tuesday, November 7
11:00 am

Meet at Seward Co-op Courtyard
Grand Street just west of Pitt Street

Our friends from Corlears Hook Park have donated hundreds of daffodil bulbs to brighten up the neighborhood. And with school out on Tuesday for Election Day, we thought it would be a good time to get these bulbs in the ground.

If you are free for a couple hours of gardening along Grand Street, please join us! We will have some tools and gloves available, but not for everyone — if you have any tools of your own please bring them. Kids are more than welcome but not required!

First public meeting: Monday, November 13 at 7pm

Grand Street Democrats
Public Meeting

Monday, November 13
7:00 pm

Seward Coop Community Room
266 East Broadway

What’s next for Grand Street Democrats: our first public meeting on Monday, November 13. Please join us, and encourage your politically-minded neighbors to join us as well.

The goal of this meeting is to set club priorities for the coming year and form committees to take action on those priorities. The specific activities of the club will be driven by your passions, so those of you with some time to devote to progressive causes in the neighborhood will have a tremendous opportunity to shape what Grand Street Democrats becomes.

Everyone is welcome, free of charge. But if you would like to become a member of the new club, to acquire voting privileges and have a more active say in club activities and endorsements, 2-year dues of $60 will be collected at the meeting.

Let us know what your goals are for the club.

And if you want to become a member, you can pay your membership dues online.

Amalgamated Meet & Greet: June 12

Amalgamated Meet & Greet

Monday, June 12
6:00 – 7:30 pm

At the home of
Carrie Sammarco