GSD Committees

Grand Street Democrats has six standing committees.

Policy and Social Action (PSAC)

If you are interested in lobbying local elected officials for policy changes that effect our neighborhood (congestion pricing, affordable housing, public school improvements), getting involved in the local community board, or participating in our club’s efforts to elect progressive judges, this is the committee for you.

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Big D

If you want to promote progressive and Democratic goals outside our local neighborhood — on the state level, or the national level, then you want to join Big D. We are partnering with Sister District to help elect Democrats in swing districts all over the U.S., and building a program to promote the youth vote to help Democrats win everywhere.

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Civics and Education

In 2017 we got a crash course is civics, elections, and Democratic party rules by running for District Leader and the Democratic County Committee, then immediately being thrust into the inside action to elect a new State Senator. To stay connected with our electoral process, everyone should know what we know now, so we’re on a mission to share information about local government through trivia events around the neighborhood. We also want to make sure you know why it’s important to register as a Democrat in NYC, even if you think of yourself as independent.

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The Nabe

It’s not all politics — some of us just want to see a more vibrant, beautiful neighborhood. Right now the Nabe committee is working with LESPI to get important blocks on the Lower East Side protected as an historic district, and partnering with our amazing local parks to make sure this neighborhood, even amidst big changes, retains its special character.

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Our specific district (AD 65 Part A) is narrowly drawn, but the issues we care about are shared by our diverse community. We want to make sure we are reaching out beyond any one affinity group to bring a broad coalition of progressives together. That’s the only way to form lasting coalitions.

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Every time we bring people together in the neighborhood — for our Traffic Town Hall, phone bank for out-of-state Democrats, trivia night, even just our own regular meetings — we want to make people feel welcome and try to have some fun. Plus we’ll have fundraisers and other community events that need some good organizers to help out.

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