What’s so wrong with Grand Street’s old Democratic club?

The Lo-Down says, “The Truman Club is closely associated with former Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, who is now appealing his conviction on federal corruption charges. Judy Rapfogel, Silver’s former chief of staff, is still very much a mover-and-a-shaker within the club.”

The New York Times says “Mr. Silver and his allies have dominated [the Truman Club] for decades.”

The Daily News says “Disgraced former Assemblyman Sheldon Silver appears to still be pulling strings.”

The Wall Street Journal calls the Truman Club “a longtime base of support for Mr. Silver.”

And the Villager says the Truman Club was the “base of operations for former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.”

Even after Sheldon Silver was convicted of using his office to give favors and accept millions for himself, Silver and his long-time associates still control endorsements, judgeships, and access to local officials.

NY1 says Judy Rapfogel, “Silver’s enforcer and gatekeeper,” “has been very active and is currently involved in the race for district leader.”

Meanwhile, “The Truman Democratic Club is not registered with the state and has not submitted financial disclosures for at least 18 years, despite taking in tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s time to show there are new Democrats on Grand Street with the spirit and energy to help build the party back from the ground up.