No New Jails in Chinatown

Dear GSD community,

The demolition of the Manhattan Detention Center (aka The Tombs) is imminent — to make way for an $8.3 billion borough-based jail project across four boroughs. To the best of our knowledge, $8.3 billion is only for the buildings to be built by 2028 and not for services needed now by the inmates and those who work on Rikers Island. 

In the interest of time, the Executive Committee drafted the letter below to be sent to Mayor Eric Adams for his attention via email, postal mail, social media, and this video:

Please help circulate this message.

We will vote on this as a club resolution at the next GSD meeting on March 21st.

Thank you for your attention.


The Executive Committee of Grand Street Democrats
Marion Riedel, President
Sandra Strother-Ribeiro, Vice President
Julie Huang, Vice President
Melissa Shiffman, Secretary
Kenny Wind, Treasurer
Lee Berman, District Leader
Caroline Laskow, District Leader