Democratic County Committee Members

The New York County Democratic Committee is the official Democratic political organization in Manhattan. Working with the Democratic State and National Committees, this body of volunteers is responsible for carrying on the business of the Democratic Party. (You can find out more here.)

New York State requires by statute that the Party committee be comprised of members elected by local Democrats. So for every election district in Manhattan, there are three or four county committee members elected by registered Democrats every two years. In our neighborhood we have 7 election districts, each of which is just a block or two in size. (In Seward and East River, each of the buildings is its own election district!) So there are 26 County Committee members representing this neighborhood when the County Committee meets to conduct business.

When does that happen? Not that often, actually. But when these County Committee members are called together it’s usually for a very important purpose. Just recently, County Committee members from our neighborhood have twice been called together to nominate Democratic candidates for a special elections called to fill a vacancy in the State Assembly (2016) and the State Senate (2017).

Here’s a good FAQ of what the County Committee does.

County Committee Members for Part A of Assembly District 65, elected in 2023, are:

EDNames of County Committee Member
28Nina Watkins
28Lee Berman
28Mathew Quezada
28Joseph Gordon
29William Rockwell
29Kim Sillen
29Cedric McCants
29William Ferns
30Sandra Strother-Ribeiro
30Lisa Arbisser
30Cherise Warner
32Heather Cousens
32Caroline Laskow
32Judith Wind
33Kenneth Wind
33Wei Li Tjong
33Hariette Skidelsky
46Mario Sanchez
46Melissa Shiffman
46Jeremy Sherber
46Marion Riedel