May 4: Virtual Reception in Support of Lindsey Boylan for Borough President

Please join us to support Lindsey Boylan,
candidate for Manhattan Borough President.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
7:00 – 8:00 pm
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Tommy Loeb
Marion Riedel

Grand Street Dems, Pat Arnow, Lee Berman, Wendy Brawer, Bill Ferns, Fannie Ip, Jeremy Sherber, Kim Sillen, Vanessa Thill

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This event is private and closed to press.

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March 9 at 7 pm: GSD Book Club with Ian Rosenberg, author of “The Fight for Free Speech”

Author Ian Rosenberg is Assistant Chief Counsel at ABC, Inc., where he has provided pre-broadcast counsel for ABC News clients on libel, newsgathering, intellectual property, and FCC regulatory issues since 2003. He’s also a founding a member of Grand Street Dems.

Ian’s new book — The Fight for Free Speech — is timely, relatable, and wonderfully readable. He connects ten essential Supreme Court cases about our First Amendment to contemporary questions and issues in the news right now.

Ian will join us on Tuesday, March 9 for a conversation about his book and to answer your questions. Buy his book from Shakespeare & Co., McNally Jackson, or from Amazon, then join us on Tuesday, March 9 for our conversation with Ian.

Sign Up to Help Our Candidates Get on the Ballot

We are heading into the biggest primary season NYC has seen in a generation and we are ready to help our endorsed candidates get on the ballot!

Grand Street Dems will be setting up tables on Grand Street for each of the first three weekends in March with petitions that candidates are required to file in order to qualify for the ballot in June.

(Yes, it’s crazy that candidates are still required to do this during a pandemic, but the Governor and State representatives somehow did not plan ahead to find a safer way to qualify for this year’s primary.)

If you feel comfortable, we need your help. Join us Saturdays and Sundays starting March 6 from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, or let us know when you are available to carry petitions and we’ll work out the details with you.

Update: If you want to get more involved with a particular campaign, you can volunteer specifically for petitioning shifts with them:

Christopher Marte:

Lindsey Boylan:

2/23/21 Remote Meeting Recap — Chinatown Working Group and City Council candidate Erin Hussein

We were joined by members of the Chinatown Working Group to discuss their proposal for special zoning districts in Chinatown and the Lower East Side. We also had a chance to meet Erin Hussein, who is challenging Councilmember Carlina Rivera in District 2.

Not shown in the meeting video was our members-only discussion and vote to endorse candidates for Civil Court in Manhattan and Judicial District 2.

Sierra Club calls for City Council oversight hearing on ESCR

Grand Street Dems last month called for the suspension of work on the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project until the City would allow a full and independent engineering review of the project.

Since then, the City finally released the document it had previously said did not exist — the report from the value engineering study in 2018 that led to the current plan — with heavy, unexplained redactions.

Now the Sierra Club is calling on the City Council to conduct oversight hearings to get to the bottom of the “secrecy, inadequacy, and sequence of events and information releases [that] have left many perplexed and disturbed.”

As the Sierra Club’s letter makes clear, redacted sections of the report include “critical information” such as the names of outside “technical team members”; pro/con comparison of eleven “significant proposals” and five “recommendations”; process for arriving at cost estimates (which is a huge part of the City’s justification for its preferred plan); and discussion of alternatives.

“The Sierra Club feels certain that you recognize that it remains the duty of the City Council with its subpoena powers to investigate what is going on as millions of dollars are being spent and bids are being placed on a quasi-secret $1.4 Billion plan. Most importantly, it remains the Council’s responsibility to safeguard the public health and uphold our City’s environment.”

Feb. 20: Civil Court Candidate Forum

There are two open seats this year for Manhattan Civil Court (county-wide) and two more open seats for Civil Court Judicial District 2 (where we live), with a number of candidates who were rated “most highly qualified” by the New York County Independent Judicial Screening Panel for Civil Court Judges on Feb. 8.

On Saturday we will have a chance to hear from all these candidates, and then will vote at our general meeting Tuesday whether to make any endorsements for these seats.

Manhattan Civil Court Candidate Forum
Saturday, February 20, 2:00 – 3:30 pm
Zoom link:

Thank you to Downtown Independent Democrats for putting this forum together for all of us.

Candidates for Civil Court Judge County-wide

Candidates for Civil Court Judicial District 2

Feb. 23 at 7:00 pm: Chinatown Working Group Presentation & Resolution

With upcoming primaries for New York City officials, from Mayor to City Council, this is a critical moment to express our policy priorities for the next city administration.

One important topic we have discussed but never acted on: the Chinatown Working Group’s detailed proposal for special zoning districts in the Lower East Side and Chinatown that would promote affordability, limit displacement, and still allow for development that fits within appropriate height limits.

Next week we will hear a presentation from CWG representatives and have the opportunity to signal our support for their plan (joining dozens of other local organizations).

GSD February Meeting
Tuesday, February 23, 7:00 pm
Register for Zoom:

We also have one last set of endorsements to make for 2021, for Civil Court Judges, and will be discussing what petitioning will look like in March to get all our endorsed candidates on the ballot.

Grand Street Dems announces 2021 endorsements

At last night’s marathon endorsement meeting, Grand Street Dems endorsed a full slate of candidates for New York City’s epic 2021 primary.

Grand Street Dems 2021 Endorsements
SCOTT STRINGER for Mayor (endorsement updated 5/10/21)
JUMAANE WILLIAMS for Public Advocate
BRAD LANDER for Comptroller
LINDSEY BOYLAN for Borough President
ALVIN BRAGG for District Attorney
CAROLINE LASKOW and LEE BERMAN for District Leaders

And a reminder that we had already voted to endorse CHRISTOPHER MARTE for City Council District 1.

Club members voted to make no endorsement for City Council District 2, where Carlina Rivera is running for re-election.