GSD Climate and Sustainability Group

Climate and Sustainability Group Report
GSD co-hosted a community meeting on February 6 about composting with Council Member Christopher Marte and Department of Sanitation NY (DSNY) Curbside Composting Outreach Coordinator, Allie Gumas. To the group of 40 neighbors, Allie presented information about the Curbside Composting program – what is it, why should we participate, how we sign-up, when our neighborhood will receive service, and how we reach out for help. She also answered the many questions from those in attendance. For efficiency, routes for compost service are being added as demand becomes clear. Some of our GSD community’s buildings are already “in the queue,” ready to be incorporated when an LES route becomes established. Chris and DSNY would love to see universally available compost; this will come down to funding for the city agency. 

Chris briefly mentioned the new pilot program between Earth Matter and neighborhood NYCHA complex Smith Houses, where compost will be collected and processed on-site, allowing for people to see and participate in the compost process.