Downtown Democrats deserve a voice in the selection of a new State Senator

Daniel Squadron

State Senator Daniel Squadron resigned abruptly last week. The process for selecting his successor is still unclear. A special election will probably happen on November 7, along with other city-wide races like for Mayor and City Council. But since it’s too late to get names on the September 12 primary ballot, there are a couple options for how the Democratic candidate will be selected. The Lo-Down had a good summary of these options last week.

Caroline and Lee are sending the following letter to Chairman Wright, co-signed by all 22 Grand Street Democrats candidates for county committee, urging him to convene the county committee after September 12 so Democratic voters — you! — have a chance to select new county committee members who will participate in the nominating convention.

County Leader Keith Wright
New York County Democratic Committee
108 West 39th Street, Suite 1201
New York, NY 10018

Dear Leader Wright,

We write regarding the selection process of a Democratic nominee for the 26th State Senate district in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, following Daniel Squadron’s recent resignation.

We want to make sure you are aware that there are contested races for County Committee in AD65 Part A covering eleven election districts on the Lower East Side. These party positions will be determined by Democratic voters only four weeks from now — that’s why we recommend you set a date after the September 12 primary for a nominating convention.

As Sen. Squadron himself said in a letter to you last week, “It is important that the vacancy for this seat be filled in the most transparent and fair way possible.” Sen. Squadron also wrote, “I strongly urge you to make this process as democratic as possible.”

In this spirit of fuller democratic participation, we urge you to hold a full vote of County Committee members after the upcoming primary. Any decision made before this time would deprive local rank and file Democrats of the chance to participate in the selection our next State Senator — and diminish that candidate’s credibility and support in the general election.

As the members of Grand Street Democrats, a new political club seeking to bring fresh progressive engagement on the Lower East Side, one of our primary goals is to energize Democrats in our community to increase their participation in local politics. Our County Committee candidates, and more importantly the voters who will support them on September 12, deserve to be heard at this critical juncture.


Lee Berman
Democratic State Committee Member, AD65
Democratic District Leader Candidate, AD65 Part A

Caroline Laskow
Democratic District Leader Candidate, AD65 Part A

Candidates for Democratic County Committee:
Joree Adilman
Lisa Arbisser
Moira Brennan
Anthony Brownie
Heather Cousens
Allison Gordon
Lauren Forsch
Peter Herb
Martha Hornthal
Brett Leitner
Tommy Loeb
Mark Lynch
Michael Marino
David Pass
Mathew Quezada
William Rockwell
Daria Segalini
Melissa Shiffman
Hariette Skidelsky
Michelle Stern
Wei-Li Tjong
Kenneth Wind