May Meeting With Marte

Thank you to our community for coming to our general meeting this past Monday, and for listening to our City Councilmember Christopher Marte and his Director of Land Use and Housing, Conor Allerton, talk about the “City of Yes” proposal (attached).  They laid out the three main components of it: Carbon Neutrality, Economic Opportunity, and Housing Opportunity.  They gave us the latest on the City Council’s perspective, including Councilmember Marte. We will keep our eyes open for changes to the proposal as it is readied for a vote and opportunities for public comment. We appreciate all of their work in deciphering this huge document and helping us understand it.

The Traffic Working Group provided an update on local traffic updates (report attached). We held our club vote to endorse President Biden, which passed unanimously. We also welcomed our two newest youth members who will work with Kim Sillen on furthering voter registration in New York City high schools.

Once again, please look out for our upcoming Primary Kick-off on June 11th from 6-8 pm in Hester Street Lot, where GSD will meet and hear from some of our endorsees for the June 25th Primar