Go Warnock, Thank You Eileen, Join Toy Drive

We were overjoyed at the news that Senator Raphael Warnock won his runoff in Georgia this Tuesday.Thank you to all who helped to GOTV for Georgia. Special thanks to GSD member Eileen Garvey for getting people involved in writing letters with Vote Forward. If any members want to spearhead projects for the club, we welcome your ideas and participation! 

Last week we mentioned holiday events that members can contribute to or participate in. One such event is the annual Toy Drive organized by Councilmember Chris Marte and his brother, Coss Marte. Last year, Councilmember Chris Marte, Coss Marte and several other businesses in the LES (Loisaida Realty, LESCC, LESsba SET LES, Scars Pizza, Stop 1 Bodega on Suffolk, Joey Bats, Lower Beast Side & Mikey Likes It Ice Cream), raised funds to provide gifts to kids who are living below the poverty line in homeless shelters around the area. They’re seeking to raise $5k to purchase, wrap, and deliver toys to 100+ kidsPlease see below for details and how to contribute. 


Join us for our next Welcome Wednesday on December 14, 2022 from 6-7:30pm at El Castillo de Jagua 2 at 521 Grand St.  Small bites and good company will be provided. There is a Community Council meeting directly following at the 7th precinct.