Hyper-local primary results

Grand Street Democrats officially is responsible for Part A of Assembly District 65. That’s a small slice of the Lower East Side comprised of all four Grand Street co-ops (East River, Hillman, Amalgamated, and Seward Park); half a dozen buildings of Vladeck Houses on Jackson Street; a block of low-rises bordered by Henry, Clinton, East Broadway, and Montgomery; and a few additional addresses sprinkled in between.

Map of Assembly District 65 Part A.

We know who won last week’s primary, but how did they do just in our part?

Andrew Cuomo won more votes for Governor, but by a much smaller margin than in the state overall.

Jumaane Williams picked up more votes here for Lt. Governor than the statewide winner, Kathy Hochul. (Though you can see that Williams matched Cynthia Nixon’s vote total, while Hochul had a 24% drop-off from Cuomo, her running-mate.)

In a four-way race for Attorney General, Zephyr Teachout won the neighborhood, with eventual winner Tish James a close second.

Robert Rosenthal lost a close race for Civil Court Judge in the 2nd Judicial District, but bested Wendy Li by 17 points in our neighborhood.

Finally, in the race for Democratic State Committee, Chris Marte beat his opponent here by an even bigger margin than in the full Assembly District.