Wednesday: Help Elect Democrats In Virginia

When the Supreme Court decided last month that gerrymandering for partisan gain is fair game in this country, it finally dawned on everyone that the fight for the House of Representatives for the next decade starts with state legislatures.

We’ve been partnering with the Sister District Project to help give Democrats more leverage in the states where redistricting after the 2020 Census will have the most effect.

This year they are focused on two races in Virginia, and we have a chance to make some initial phone calls this week on Wednesday.

Wendy Gooditis won her seat narrowly in the 2017 Blue Wave, but faces a tough challenge for re-election.

Shelly Simonds lost her 2017 race in a coin flip after the recount ended in a tie. This year we don’t want to leave her election up to chance!

Early phonebanking builds name recognition for candidates and offers voters a chance to raise their concerns.

No phonebanking experience is necessary to participate! Please bring a mobile phone, plus a laptop or tablet. The hosts will provide instructions, talking points, and snacks.